The time efficiency and cleaning effectiveness of Cold Jet dry ice blast cleaning enables contractors to grow their business and increase profit because they no longer have to spend countless man-hours sanding, scraping or scrubbing with solvents. There is no secondary waste with dry ice cleaning.

unsafe working environment. Effective cleaning extends the life of electric motors, reducing or eliminating costly repair, replacement or rental programs. However, manual cleaning is often delayed to prevent the shut-down of production lines.

Dry ice blasting equipment provides a quick, safe, non-toxic and economical cleaning solution for facilities, industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools and assembly line equipment. Any item that is part of a production process can be cleaned on-line and without requiring cool-down.


Cleaning with Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting in Industrial Facilities Provides:

  • An environmentally responsible clean

  • Decontaminated and sanitized production surfaces

  • A cleans in-place method with no cool down required

  • Reduced cleaning downtime

  • No secondary waste

  • Elimination of wear and tear

  • A non-abrasive process

  • Effective removal of bacteria (mold, listeria, salmonella, e. coli)

  • Enhanced Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & Six Sigma programs

A Few Proven Facility & Plant Maintenance Applications for Dry Ice Blasting Include:

  • General & Production Equipment

  • Ceilings & Walls

  • Equipment Degreasing

  • Surface Cleaning Before Painting

  • Forklifts

  • Electric Motors / Electrical Boxes

  • Control Panels

  • Pipes, Hoses & Fittings

  • Conveyors

  • Cooling Fans

  • Hydraulic Parts

  • Robotics

Proven Contractor Applications for Dry Ice Blasting Include:

Restoration Projects

  • Fire Restoration (soot & smoke removal)

  • Mold Remediation

  • Historic Preservation


Facility/Plant Maintenance

  • Walls & Ceiling clean-up

  • Electric Motors

  • Tanks & Vessels

  • Production & Manufacturing Equipment


Power Generation

  • Hydro Electric Facilities

  • Combined Cycle Facilities (Gas & Steam)

  • Coal & Mining Facilities

  • Sub Stations

  • Oil & Gas Plants

  • Nuclear Decommissioning


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More about technology

Dry ice blasting involves using recycled CO2 in the form of solid particles (pellets) propelled by compressed air through high velocity nozzles onto the surface to be cleaned. The combination of the kinetic and thermal effects of dry ice destroys the bond between the contaminant and the piece to be cleaned. Upon impact with the contaminant, the dry ice particles sublimate, i.e. convert directly from the solid to a gaseous state, and literally make the contaminant vanish without a trace with no secondary waste from the blasting medium. Essentially, this results in a high-quality blast with no risk of damage to the surface being cleaned. In this cleaning process the contaminant is literally vaporised and removed without leaving any trace.

Dry ice blasting systems use less raw material, energy and air than any other jet processing system available on the market. They only require minimum maintenance and let the customer focus on their main activities rather than waste valuable time on extraneous cleaning activities and expose their staff to the adverse effects of chemicals used in traditional cleaning methods.

Industrial cleaning with dry ice
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